10 Delicious & Popular Vegetarian Foods In Indonesia
Travel Lush April 30, 2015

Before I moved to Jakarta, I was really worried that being a vegetarian in Indonesia was going to be really frustrating.  I had already spent two months traveling the length of Java and Bali, subsisting on a steady diet of nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), which got really old, really fast.  Back then it appeared that the concept of vegetarianism was incredibly foreign to most Indonesians and their food seemed disappointingly meat-centric.  It took living here for me to realize that there are a ton of delicious and popular vegetarian foods in Indonesia.  Who says traveling as a vegetarian in Indonesia has to be difficult?




10 Popular Vegetarian Foods in Indonesia:

Bakwan Jagung
Since I moved to Jakarta, bakwan has become my #1 guilty pleasure.  This is one of the more popular vegetarian foods in Indonesia; it is all over the place and is widely available at food stalls across the country.  Bakwan are pretty much corn fritters, but they are prepared differently in various parts of the country.  They are typically made with corn and rice flour, which is mixed with corn, carrot and cabbage and spiced with fingerroot and kaffir lime leaves.


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