14 Photos To Cure The Summer Doldrums
Land Lopers July 15, 2016

I live in the Washington, DC metro area, a region that was literally built on swamplands. Living in a swampy Southern city means that our summers tend to be very hot and extraordinarily humid; imagine living in a terrarium. Yes, the summer doldrums are in full swing, so I thought I would share some photos today to help all of us, myself included, break out of this rut, smile a little and remember that the rest of the world isn’t living in a humidifier.

Kingmik Dogsled

Alberta, Canada

Whitsundays Queensland Australia

Queensland, Australia

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Penguins Antarctica


Portstewart Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Rothenburg Germany

Rothenburg, Germany

Machu PIcchu Peru

Machu PIcchu Peru

Four Seasons Lanai


Wat Arun Bangkok

Wat Arun, Bangkok

Tarangire National Park‎ Tanzania


Sunset curacao


Outer Banks North Carolina

North Carolina

Panda Chengdu China

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