A Day at the Stunningly Beautiful Mayan Ruins of Tulum
Just Chasing Rabbits March 25, 2015

Mayan ruins have always been fascinating to us both. We knew that visiting some of the ruins would be one of our first big trips together. While living in Kentucky for most of 2008, we decided we needed a vacation and began discussing our very first cruise. The cruise itinerary we fell in love with included Calica and Cozumel, Mexico, which provided the perfect opportunity to visit a Mayan site.


The site we visited (from the port of Calica) is called Tulum, which means fence or wall. The name is so fitting because the city is surrounded by massive limestone walls on three sides and protected by cliffs overlooking the ocean on the fourth.
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We actually entered the city through a small walkway in one of the walls. It was amazing to emerge from the shadowed tunnel and be greeted by the sun and the beautiful site of the stone city.


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