June 15, 2016
3 Day Motorbike Itinerary for Chiang Rai premium
Getting around the north of Thailand by motorbike can be one of the most amazing ways to see the countryside. Feel the cool mountain air rush up against your face, stop along the roadside to admire breathtaking views or pull over to just chat with a few locals. Thailand is a big place, and so […]
Getting Stamped
March 2, 2016
Monkeys, Hell & the Golden Triangle, a Day in Chiang Rai premium
I admit I am one of the most last minute planners in the world when it comes to travelling. Originally I had no plans to stop in Chiang Rai but as I was heading to Laos, it made sense to spend a few nights there. After 4 days exploring the are, I found some amazing places to […]

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