July 4, 2016
Glastonbury 2016 premium
“Happy fucking Independence Day everybody!” some guy shouted across the packed campsite, waking me up on the first morning of Glastonbury Festival. I clambered out of my tent thinking it was a joke. But the stunned campers, all frantically checking their phones, confirmed it was not  – we had voted to leave the EU. Shocked and unprepared […] […]
The Ordinary Adventurer
June 27, 2016
Beyond the Royal Mile: Get Off the Beaten Path in Edinburgh premium
Edinburgh is renowned for so many unique attributes: a 13th century castle in the middle of the city. A dormant volcano and a royal palace. A medieval Old Town with strikingly beautiful architecture. But Edinburgh also has beaches, with traditional Turkish baths and an amusement arcade. It has a historic village hidden near the city centre, and a tidal […]
That Backpacker
My Top Luxury European City Breaks premium
With 26 countries under my belt, I think it’s fair to say I’ve been about a bit! But out of these 26 countries, 15 have been in Europe…and yet there is still so much of this diverse continent that I want to explore. For the most part on this blog, I talk about my budget […]
Where is Noodles
March 18, 2016
Two Tickets To Edinburgh…Part Two premium
Part One saw Matt battle with man-flu and somehow drag himself onto the train up to Edinburgh. After a low-key Friday, the hope was that Saturday would see a stunning recovery! Saturday morning (aka the long wake up) I’m not going to lie – waking up on Saturday was tough. A combination of man-flu, a reasonably […]
Two Tickets to
March 10, 2016
Our Favorite Souvenirs from England premium
When I go on solo trips for work, I’m always looking for the perfect souvenirs to take home to Jenni. She’s constantly looking for great items and tastes to bring home from our adventures. Plus, I know I have to pick out amazing things to show you, our readers! On my recent trip to England, […]
Just Chasing Rabbits
February 15, 2016
Two Tickets To Edinburgh…Part One! premium
For the first time on Two Tickets To, we’re publishing a blog post about a trip that only one of us went on! In this one, it’s Matt’s turn to attempt some solo travelling with a trip up to Scotland to see one of his oldest and best friends – who also, confusingly, happens to […]
Two Tickets to
May 9, 2015
Punting in Cambridge premium
Cambridge is one of the more popular tourist destinations in England, mainly because of the history, architecture and of course punting. We have spent the last two years living in Cambridge but never got around to trying it until recently. We’ve spent many summer days sitting on the river bank watching people punting up and […]
Adventure Awaits Us
April 30, 2015
20 photos of food at Borough Market premium
We are big fans of markets especially ones that involve food and after many years of being told to go, we finally took a trip to Borough Market. The market is located in London right next to the Tower Bridge giving you a great excuse to come here if your sight seeing. Borough Market really does […]
Adventure Awaits Us

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