Exploring Cambodia’s Wild East – Mondulkiri
Apenoni May 25, 2016

In the Wild East, as they call it, lies the remote province of Mondulkiri – Cambodia’s largest and also most sparsely populated area. Located in the south-east part of the country bordering Vietnam it is still a quite unknown territory for touristic settlements. Literally translated as “meeting of the hills” it is a very tranquil and beautiful part of Cambodia – with its landscape offering a diverse mix of hills, dense forests and hidden waterfalls. Wild animals such as bears and leopards still roam these jungles. The province is also home to traditional villages of the Bunong people as well as some Elephant conservation projects and sanctuaries – with this actually being the main reason for us driving all the way out there.

mondulkiri 01


Meeting the Elephants

Beforehand you should do a little research as to what kind of tours are being offered. Personally, we are not too much into taking part in organized tours but in this case it is definitely worth doing so. We decided to join the Mondulkiri Project – an initiative not only supporting the elephants but also the indigenous people and forests around. They have created a sanctuary for abused elephants from all over the country and are now even planning to start a breeding program. We opted for the 2-day elephant and jungle trek tour, allowing us to experience the full beauty of what Mondulkiri has to offer. The tour includes meals, water, guide fees and transport and is priced at 75 USD/person – surely a great deal of money but we knew it was for a good cause!

After having a relaxing overnight at the Nature Lodge we got collected and brought to the starting point of the tour. It was a nice “back of the pickup truck” ride over the hills and into the thick forests until we arrived at a small hut which turned out to be our home for the night. The tour was setup so that we could see and join the elephants roaming freely in the forest on the first day and then do the trek on the second day. We even got the chance to take a bath with one elephant!  It was very impressive standing by such huge animals, especially in the water. We were frightened and excited at the same time but it was such an overwelming experience!

Each elephant is accompanied by their mahout, usually a member of the local Bunong tribe who would take care of the it. We were given some bananas to feed the elephants and had an amazing day wandering the forests with these beautiful giants. We learned a great deal about their behaviors and were able to spend a lot of time with them. There was no riding involved as this was strictly prohibited since it is not something that elephants enjoy doing – please keep this in mind before going here. The nice thing about this place is that the elephants can actually do what they want and are not forced to do things they dont want to.

The jungle started behind this hill

mondulkiri 02

Into the blue

mondulkiri 03

Our jungle home 🙂

mondulkiri project 01

At last, the first elephant arrived!

mondulkiri project 02

One banana for you

mondulkiri project 03

Then came the second…

mondulkiri project 04

Up close with the beauty

mondulkiri project 06

Scrubbing by the water

mondulkiri project 10

Another banana for you

mondulkiri project 07

Bathing time!

mondulkiri project 08

Such gentle giants

mondulkiri project 09

mondulkiri 10

Our hammocks for the night

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The Trek

We spent the night in some neat hammocks (which was fun ;)), enjoying some great company and food and a nice view down into the forests. Along with a guide and another couple we walked through the jungles of Mondulkiri – discovering beautiful waterfalls, rivers and natural surroundings. We climbed hills, swam in small creeks, jumped off waterfalls, crossed rivers and learned a great deal about different animals, insects and plants along the way. It was quite tiring at times but it was worth the effort. The trek takes the entire day and we walked roughly 20 kilometers until we finally reached the village.

mondulkiri 05

Our resting spot for the day

mondulkiri 06

Beautiful waterfalls on the way



mondulkiri 07

Refreshing rivers

mondulkiri 13

Working our way up that last hill!

mondulkiri 12

Areas deforested for plantations

mondulkiri 08

en route to our final destination

mondulkiri 09

We finally reached the village!

The combination of being with the elephants as well as having the chance to experience the forests of Mondulkiri made our visit to this rural province a very special one. We really enjoyed this adventure and will keep the encounter with these beautiful elephants forever in our memories. If you want to experience a different part of Cambodia and escape the heat of the lower plains you should definitely take a visit to the Mondulkiri province. We had a good time joining the Mondulkiri Project and felt in good hands all along the way.

For your orientation, here a map of Mondulkiri province:

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