Food to try in Puerto Rico
The Trekking Cat March 12, 2016

Puerto Rico is home to some amazing local cuisine that is a must-try if visiting. As my time was short, I unfortunately was not able to fully experience the local cuisine but a good day’s worth of munching away did give me a small taste of what the island has to offer.

Food on the island varies far and wide, incorporating cultural pieces from other countries to create a unique blend of what we know as Puerto Rican cuisine. Its influences come from Spain, various parts of Africa, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and even China. In a day’s trip, here are a few items to try to get a feel for the richness of this culinary culture.





Mofongo is an Afro-Puerto Rican dish that travelers can easily find in Puerto Rico. It is primarily made with plantains that are mashed. There are variations with protein such as seafood or chicken. For those wanting a twist on this dish, Café Berlin offers a seafood & mofongo dish with shrimp, scallops, and fish fillet drenched in a criollo style sauce. It was one of the first dishes I tried on the island and it was absolutely lovely!


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