Guide to Portland, Oregon
The Trekking Cat November 1, 2015

After having stayed in Portland for nearly a year, I guess it’s about time I write up a Portland travel series! I’ve had an interesting relationship with Portland as it is a place where I’ve lived the past year and beyond but also a place where I feel sometimes distant from the local life as work hours have extended long into the night. However in between my free time I have dabbled with checking out some awesome places and highly recommend visiting the town. There’s honestly a lot to offer here in its own special, Portland way.


Waterfront Pdx


Some sights I recommend checking out are:


The waterfront section of downtown Portland is absolutely beautiful. There is just an endless stretch of greenery right by the river and a great place to relax in the day time. Bring some food, a blanket, and friends for a fun afternoon. For those of you who are runners, the waterfront has some pretty extensive running trails along both sides of the Willamette river and across the bridges for a scenic run. Towards the southern end of the waterfront as the greenery slowly goes away is a small row of boutique shops and restaurants.


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