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How 2 Travel Smart May 27, 2016
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The island of Tenerife, the largest one of the Canary Islands, presents all kinds of exotic entertainment, picturesque beaches, and beautiful landscapes. Hardly surprising that hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this corner of paradise every year. Though, Tenerife has also some flip sides, so take your time and prepare for the journey to the island to get the best possible experience.

Experienced voyagers give some useful tips where to go and what to do in Tenerife:

– Don’t miss the chance to try local wines, these are really delicious.
– Local food is nothing out of the ordinary! Don’t waste your time (and money) eating things you get easily at home.
– Teide is a natural masterpiece, so it is advisable to visit Teide Park. Take into consideration that if you want to see the crater you will have to get a special permission in Santa Cruz.
– The Adeje area is quite overpriced – the rest of the island proposes much cheaper prizes.
– In the south, all beaches are overcrowded, better search for the beaches in the east, they are less popular, though still beautiful.
– Check your orders and do not be afraid to specify anything with a waiter. Make sure that you will not pay more than you have to.
– El Medano Beach, situated near the Tenerife South Airport is known among windsurfers for its strong winds.

Things not to do in Tenerife

– Sleeping at the beach in the night may look like a really romantic and charming event, though the police of Tenerife don’t think so. Be ready to find yourself in a jail or get fined.
– Avoid coastal roads while cycling. Actually, this activity is extremely popular on the island but the roads along the coast are too narrow and the cars passing by might injure you.
– Do not leave your things unattended when you swim in the ocean. Within a few minutes, you may find yourself without belongings.
– Do not walk alone in the middle of the night; take a taxi wherever you go. Use a trusted taxi with fixed prices and monitored behavior of the drivers, like Kiwitaxi.


When you arrive in Tenerife, the chances are that you will get to Tenerife South Airport that is situated 37 miles south of Santa Cruz. It is the second largest airport of the Canary Islands and constantly growing due to the increasing number of tourists.

The best way to get from the airport to the city is taking a taxi, however, first make sure that you enter a licensed taxi with a running meter.

Photo credits: Cover image by Robexho , second image by Grombo

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