Hectic Hong Kong
Vickeblueyes August 22, 2015

Hong Kong is known for being a hectic financial sphere of 7 million people. Images of a bustling port; glistening buildings, large shopping malls, towering skyscrapers- that compete in height like preschoolers, signs over more signs over more signs, shops overflowing with traditional Chinese medicine kept in sterile jars, as well as a juxtaposition of old traditional temples and modern international artists, creates Hong Kong: the oriental pearl with a dash of British influence. Hong Kong is its own independent state, separate from mainland china in both mindset and culture. Although people in Hong Kong are proud of their Chinese heritage roots, they are even more proud to live in a country with autonomy and a successful business empire because of this (Hong Kong has the fourth largest financial centre in the world).




Although most people think of Hong Kong as a concrete jungle (and a glossy upmarket one at that), it’s not. In fact the country is 70 percent countryside, and with Hong Kong’s quick and easy access public transport, you can be efficiently whizzed out of central Hong Kong to other areas of the country where you can hike, camp, fish and mountain bike in no time at all. Lantau Island is as twice as big as Hong Kong and is a haven for one of natures wonders: Chinese White Dolphins. Catch glimpses of them off Tung Chung whilst wandering through wild countryside, hidden beaches, authentic monasteries and fishing villages that watch you curiously.


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