Inle Lake, Myanmar: touring the lake on a longboat
The Global Couple December 26, 2013

Inle Lake was one of our favourite places in Myanmar. The main town, Nyaungshwe, had lots of things catering to travellers like massages (which were amazing following our trek!) and pancake restaurants. We enjoyed wandering around the town, observing the boats zooming up and down the canals, spending time in the markets, and chatting to the locals. And one day, we headed out on the water.

The main attraction at Inle Lake is to hire a longboat for a day and visit different places across the lake. Our boat for the day cost 18,000K, which we split between four people – a pretty cheap day out for 4500K (about $5) each! We arranged the tour through our guesthouse, Joy Hotel. Any guesthouse will be able to arrange a trip for you, and the price is the same wherever you book. [Price as at November 2013]



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