Macuco Safari – Boat Tour At Iguazu Falls In Brazil
The Traveling Engineer May 5, 2016

At the visitor center, we figured out that we will have to take a shuttle bus to the Macuco Safari bus stop. The bus was a double-deck panoramic bus, which provided us a good overview of the park’s natural beauty. The bus stopped at multiple locations, and information about the stops and other tours and services was being transmitted through the loud speaker on the bus.

Get off the bus at ‘The Path of the Falls’ stop. A 1,200 meter trail starts from this stop and ends at Porto Canoas Square Station.


Once you have deboarded the bus at the Macuco Safari bus stop, you will see the Macuco building across the road. Cross the road, get your tickets for the Macuco Safari Traditional Tour which includes an electric cart ride through the jungle, a short walk (600 meters) to a small waterfall and boat ride to the mighty Iguazu falls.

You will also have an opportunity to leave your belongings in a locker there. However, I recommend taking the locker at the boat station right before the boat ride. This way you can have all your belongings, including camera and phone for the first half of the tour where you go through the jungle, which means you can use your camera and phone for taking photographs.

You will now be asked to board an electric cart where a guide will welcome you with a friendly smile.


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