Melbourne. The coolest neighbourhoods
Toby and Tamar April 26, 2016

Melbourne is made up of many different neighbourhoods. Each of them has their very own character and style. The eclectic mix of people living in Melbourne brings an amazing cultural diversity to the neighbourhoods. And combined with the old Victorian architecture, it makes for cool and vibrant streets to explore. Watch our video at the bottom of this post to see three of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods.


Three of Melbourne’s coolest neighbourhoods

Only two kilometres from the CBD, you can find Fitzroy, Melbourne’s first suburb. With a wide variety of ethnic and socio-economic groups, Fitzroy is a really colourful place and is well known for its bohemian atmosphere. Brunswick street is the most popular street of this neighbourhood and you can find anything from art galleries to quirky boutiques, cocktail bars to funky restaurants and so much more. Another street that is worth exploring is Gertrude Street.

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