My Big Indonesia Trip, And How It Was An Epic Failure
Travel Lush April 27, 2015

When I first found out I’d be moving to Indonesia all I could think about was how much traveling I’d be doing here.  I had grand plans to visit as many of Indonesia’s otherworldly destinations as humanly possible.  Fast forward nine months and I’ve done a pathetically small amount of traveling within Indonesia.

Because I have to do visa runs every two months, my scant traveling time and funds have been spent on other Southeast Asian countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.  Aside from a much needed getaway to Bali late last year, I haven’t explored much else in Indonesia since I moved here, except for Jakarta, of course.




So when Aaron finally got a break from teaching, we decided that a trip to Rinca Island – home of the Komodo dragons – was in order.  We had it all planned out.  Because there are no direct flights from Jakarta, we decided we’d lay over in Bali for a few days and visit the unspoiled island of Nusa Penida.  From there we would hop on a short flight to Labuan Bajo, and spend three nights on the tiny tropical island of Kanawa where we would spend four blissful days living in a rustic beach bungalow, snorkeling the days away and doing island hopping tours to visit beautiful Rinca Island and its ancient inhabitants.


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