My Experiences of Sarawak
Vickeblueyes April 29, 2015

My time in Borneo was short, but sweet and my time in Sarawak was the shortest. Although I have limited experiences of Sarawak, I will account and advise all the places I visited and aimed to visit.




Kuching is more commonly known as: “The City of Cats”, and it grows on you over time. At first you might be taken aback by the jumble of business’s and houses packed tightly next to one another as if sardines in a tin can, selling precisely the same thing but arranged very differently. Streets are shaped along the waterfront promenade and all seem to head to the same direction, to the emptiness that surrounds the city. After exploring, you soon realise that Kuching is tiny and there is no need to look further afield, but rather closely, along the streets and alleyways. Being a hotspot for Chinese immigrants many years ago for work, means that welcoming those you pass with “Ni Hao”, and munching on fried chicken and fried fish is more common than you expect. Wander through town passing Chinese embellished and well decorated temples and shopkeepers with rows and rows of glittering gold in front of them- only stopping for a meal at a restaurant with no name- where the owner greets you energetically with: “this is the best meal you can get for four ringgitt!”


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