My Favorite 6 Places In Southeast Asia
Travel Lush August 6, 2014

Now that I’m back in Southeast Asia it’s becoming increasingly clear to me why I just can’t stay away from this part of the world.  I spent a large chunk of the past year backpacking around the region.  I visited six amazing countries and relished my time in each and every one of them.  Now that I’ve started a new chapter of my life in Indonesia, I was inspired to share six reasons why I love Southeast Asia.

Why six?  In order to highlight the best that Southeast Asia has to offer, I chose my favorite cities from each country I traveled to – from the first country I visited to the last.



My 6 favorite places in Southeast Asia!

1. Railay, Thailand
Thailand is a country I find myself returning to time and again.  Before I set out on my big Southeast Asian odyssey last year, I’d already visited Thailand twice.  But somehow I’d failed to ever make it to the country’s world-famous Andaman coast.  So, as soon as I touched down in Thailand last August, I made a beeline straight for Railay.


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