Our Favorite Souvenirs from England
Just Chasing Rabbits March 10, 2016
When I go on solo trips for work, I’m always looking for the perfect souvenirs to take home to Jenni. She’s constantly looking for great items and tastes to bring home from our adventures. Plus, I know I have to pick out amazing things to show you, our readers!
Set of tea made by New English Teas
On my recent trip to England, I was able to shop in small towns as well as tourist locations, and I think I found a great mix of souvenirs that really say “England.” The only thing better would be to bring home freshly cooked fish and chips!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel bar
Cadbury Chocolate-
Cadbury chocolate was first produced in Birmingham by John Cadbury in 1824. Here in the United States, we are most familiar with Cadbury Eggs at Easter, and the first was made in 1875.
In fact, I think most of us here in the US assumed that Cadbury ONLY makes the eggs. After all, we only have that one Cadbury commercial that plays every Easter with the clucking animals.
So, I was very excited to see tons of chocolate bars in various flavors while in England…all with the Cadbury name! (Plus, coming home with chocolate is always a good idea!)
We have tried both the Dairy Milk Caramel and the Dairy Milk Oreo flavors, and were immediately turned into fans of the Cadbury name! The Oreo cookies and cream flavor was so delicious with the milk chocolate, and the caramel has an incredible texture!
What could be more traditionally English than tea? Well, probably this little canister set of teas depicting a telephone box, a double-decker bus, and a post box.
Made by New English Teas, this set truly captures the British tradition.
I also purchased a telephone box-shaped bank (seen in the first photo of this post). Great way to save up for our next trip to the UK!
Platform 9 3/4 souvenirs (famous from Harry Potter series)
Platform 9 3/4 Souvenirs
When visiting London and King’s Cross Station, I was eager to look for Platform 9 3/4 from the Harry Potter series. Apparently, I was not the only person looking for entrance to Hogwarts– the line to pose with the trolley disappearing into the wall snaked on forever.
Instead of waiting in line, I headed on into the bookshop where I purchased a souvenir shirt and two souvenir tickets– one way to Hogwarts, of course.
We have had the Platform 9 3/4 experience at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida as well. With the use of mirrors, you can watch as people “walk through” the wall!

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Union Jack flag souvenir shirt and teddy bear from London, England
The Union Jack Flag Souvenirs-
Items depicting a country’s flag are always great souvenirs! I actually have a collection of flag patches from each country that I’ve visited. They’re all displayed proudly on my suitcase.
I decided to bring Jenni a London shirt with the flag and this teddy bear. A fluffy teddy bear AND Cadbury chocolate…I thought this through, didn’t I? Racking up all the husband points!
Jenni’s number one souvenir had to be the birthday card that I sent her. Not only did I think quickly in buying it and sending it as soon as I arrived, but I got extra lucky by having it delivered on the correct day!
What are your favorite souvenirs from England? What did I miss? Let us know in the comments below!
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Our Favorite Souvenirs from England


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