Playing Tourist In Jakarta
Travel Lush June 23, 2015

There is a big difference between living in and traveling in Jakarta.  When I travel to a new city I aim to get to know it as intimately as possible.  I check out the tourist attractions, I eat the street food and I wander around aimlessly to see what I can find.  But I haven’t really done these things in Jakarta.  Like I said, living in Jakarta is way different than traveling in it.




Living here does allow me to see a side of this complex city that most visitors don’t get to see.  And I’m grateful for that.  But now that my time here is rapidly coming to an end, I’ve had this gnawing feeling  that I’ve been missing out on certain things Jakarta has to offer.

After all, I am a traveler through and through.  And now that I have less than two weeks before I leave Jakarta, I came to  the conclusion that I needed to see this city the way a true tourist would before I leave.  So last weekend Aaron and I finally got our act together and sought out some of Jakarta’s top tourists attractions.  And, believe it or not, we had a blast playing tourist!


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