Taking on Sandstorms in the Sahara Desert
Brokenlimitz April 30, 2016

Even after 40+ visiting countries, surfing some of the best beaches, sliding down a volcano on a piece of wood and driving Tuk Tuks across India, riding a camel through the Sahara Desert is still one of the most (if not the most) memorable thing I’ve done in my travel life. The feeling of being surrounded in complete silence, just laying there on the warm sand with 10 new friends I met on the trip and literally just staring out of this world, gazing at the stars. I was completely stunned as if I had never seen them before, because I hadn’t, not like this.


Riding camels through the Sahara Desert

I can honestly say I never had planned to go to the Sahara Desert, I mean I knew about it and knew it was a huge iconic place but to be honest, that’s all I knew. It wasn’t until I met my Australian friend Azza in Porto (Portugal) when he mentioned he was going to travel down to Morocco just to ride camels and spend the night in the desert. That’s when it really sparked my interest.

Feeling quite embarrassed, I actually had to Google where Morocco was (dropped out of high school) but upon realising it was so close to Spain, I started asking more and more questions. Sure enough, 10 minutes later and a few glasses of Port down, I decided to join him on his journey not really knowing what I was getting myself into.


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