The Best Food I Ate in Canada
Just Chasing Rabbits November 16, 2015

Poutine- Poutine is definitely one of the main foods that comes to mind for us if someone says, “Canada.” It is probably one of the greatest guilty pleasures in the world. This dish, that originated in Quebec, is made up of french fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy.


If that doesn’t sound delicious enough, some restaurants serve their own versions of the dish. The best version I had in Toronto was the Bourbon Pulled Pork Poutine dish at  Moose Winooski’s.

Moose Winooski’s has two locations in Ontario, and was originally opened in 1993. This family restaurant has a cozy log cabin feel and serves up some serious comfort food and some serious hospitality.

Just so you know, my plate of poutine looked so amazing that the locals were stopping by my table and asking what the dish is called!

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