The Best Souvenirs from Mississippi
Just Chasing Rabbits March 26, 2016
Finding meaningful souvenirs in all of the places we travel is always important to us. But, what about our home state of Mississippi?
Natchez Trace Completion Patch
We wanted to share what we think are some great Mississippi souvenirs, but man, was this a tough list to make!
Souvenirs should be more than just T-shirts and keychains! Remember to look for items that are unique to the area you are visiting. Buy local items that tell the story of the area.
Here’s some Mississippi souvenirs we think you should leave room in your suitcase for!


Cheese Straws from the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory

Cheese Straws from the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory
Where to find them: Various restaurants, visitor centers, and gift shops around Mississippi

From a recipe that has been passed down through a family in Yazoo City, Mississippi come these spicy, crunchy, cheesy snacks!

If you love all things cheese, these baked cheddar snacks will be irresistible! Want to try them now? Check out the Mississippi Cheese Straw website to order.

Elvis Salt Water Taffy

Elvis Salt Water Taffy
Where to find it: The Birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo, Mississippi

So, what does salt water taffy have to do with Elvis? Well, it’s the flavor!

Around here, it’s a well-known fact that Elvis loved fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches! This candy is such a fitting tribute!

You’ll be sure to think of Elvis and the little white house with the porch swing every time you take a bite!

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If these aren’t your favorite flavors or if taffy’s just not for you, you can always pick up a pair of Elvis-inspired sunglasses from the Birthplace…complete with sideburns! Voila! Instant “hunka hunka burnin’ love”!

Tupelo Honey
Tupelo Honey and Honey from Tupelo
Where to find it: Official Tupelo Honey (that comes from the Tupelo tree) can be purchased at Margarete’s Fine Chocolates in Tupelo, Mississippi. Honey from the Tupelo area (but not necessarily from the Tupelo tree) can be found at the Tupelo Buffalo Park’s gift shop, the Natchez Trace Visitor Center, and various other visitor centers and gift shops around the state.
When we mention to others that we are from Tupelo, the usual reactions are either, “Elvis!” or “Like the Van Morrison song?” If you’re familiar with said song, you’ll know Tupelo Honey is famous for being SWEET! One taste of honey from Tupelo gumtrees, and you’ll swear its the best honey ever.

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Other honeys from this area may not be from the Tupelo tree, but it can still be called “Tupelo Honey” and makes great (and more affordable) souvenirs and gifts.
Mississippi Muscadine Jelly

Mississippi Muscadine Jelly (and other locally-made preserves, salsas, and sauces!)
Where to find it: Various visitor centers and gift shops around the state.

Canning is definitely a tradition here in Mississippi. I grew up eating out of Mason jars thanks to the amazing cooking and canning abilities of both of my grandmothers. Why not take some of this tradition home?

Look for preserves at visitor centers and gift shops. Many local restaurants will offer canned salsas and sauces as well.

Natchez Trace Completion Patch
Where to find it: Natchez Trace Visitor Center in Tupelo, Mississippi

The Natchez Trace runs from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee and was originally a trail used by Native Americans in the area as they followed herds of deer, bison, etc. for hunting.

Today, only pieces of the original trail exist, but you can drive, bike, or motorcycle the 444 mile highway that is now the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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The Trace offers frequent stops for travelers interested in the history of the area, including the Native American Emerald Mound (second largest in the US), Confederate gravesites, and former Native American villages.

Once you’ve completed the length of the trace, you definitely need to commemorate your achievement with the Natchez Trace Parkway Patch. The patch above is the general design for those driving, but patches specific to bikes and motorcycles are also available.

Mississippi Literature

Mississippi Literature and Music
Where to find it: Gift shops, music and bookstores around the state.

With Mississippi being so famous for its contributions to the arts, it only makes sense to take some of that creativity back home with you.

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With authors like William Faulker, John Grisham, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, and Willie Morris, you’re sure to find a new favorite book by a Mississippian. Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi is a great place to pick up books by Mississippi authors.

Mississippi is also known for its musicians. Pick up some Elvis music at his birthplace in Tupelo, or grab some Blues when traveling through the Mississippi Delta like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, or Robert Johnson (who famously sold his soul to the devil to be able to play the guitar!).

Barq's Root Beer
Barq’s Root Beer
Where to find it: Gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores.
Did you know that Barq’s Root Beer was created in Biloxi, Mississippi? Yep! In 1898, Edward Barq made the first Barq’s Root Beer at Biloxi Artesian Bottling Works, a small building that still stands today.
You may also be interested to know that Coca-Cola was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1894! Up until that point, it was only sold as a fountain drink.

Take home a Barq’s or a glass bottle of Coca-Cola from good ol’ Mississippi, and educate your friends and family on the history of these sodas!

Sweet Potato Pies from Sweet Potato Sweets in Vardaman, Mississippi
Sweet Potato Treats
Where to find them: Sweet Potato Sweets in Vardaman
Vardaman, Mississippi just so happens to be the Sweet Potato Capital of the World! Drive past field after field of sweet potatoes and stop in at the hometown bakery known as Sweet Potato Sweets for unique sweet potato treats including pies, cookies, fudge, and ice cream!

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Check out the Sweet Potato Sweets website if you’d like to place an order now!

Because Mississippi is our home state, we’re sure to come across more amazing souvenirs! We’ll be sure to share them here!
Have you visited Mississippi? What did you take home to remember your trip? Let us know in the comments below!
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The Best Souvenirs from Mississippi
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