The devil’s fire run… Correfoc
Toby and Tamar July 14, 2015

First, I hear a loud bang. It’s followed by another one and before I know it the street is full of noise, fire and devils. A marching band beats their drums in an ecstatic rhythm that gets me and everyone else on their feet. Amongst the group of devils I see a scary beast. Right in front of me the beast pauses for a moment and spins around in wild circles while sending fire into the crowd. I can’t help but yell out and run further away from it to avoid getting hit by the fire sparks. The devils run and dance and twirl around, holding sticks high above their heads that spit more fire in all directions. People around me are yelling, laughing and dancing with the devils and I wonder what this incredible fire spectacle is!


The Devils and their Correfoc

One of Catalonia’s most exciting and interesting traditions is the “Correfoc”, a “Fire Run” when you translate it literally to English. A Correfoc is a spectacle that involves a lot of fireworks, pyrotechnics and music.


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