The Yacht week British Virgin Islands
The Trekking Cat March 1, 2016

Nothing more can say starting 2016 the right way than an exotic trip. For this year, Ben and I headed out to a new adventure in the Caribbean with The Yacht Week. The Yacht Week offers amazing weeklong sailing adventures in various parts of the world and the Caribbean is a popular one for those wanting to trade out the cold winters for sunshine, drinks, and beaches. Imagine a week of sailing, salty air, and ocean breeze and you can start to understand why the Caribbean can be a popular destination for a getaway in the winter months.

While the trip was a only a week long, there are opportunities for travelers to hit up many islands and get a taste of what life is like on the Caribbean and out on the sea. So what are these destinations that we’re talking about?





Tortola is home to the start of The Yacht Week. It is where all the yachts are docked and many start their sailing trip whether they are privately chartering or traveling with a travel company. Many fly into Tortola’s airport and then taxi over to Hodges Creek marina to start the week-long Yacht Week celebrations. Alternatives to arriving are taking a ferry from a nearby island such as St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for those wanting to avoid flying.


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