Top 10 Foods to Try in Hawaii
Just Chasing Rabbits May 5, 2015

If you’re wondering what foods you should try in Hawaii, here is our list of the best foods for your taste buds! Some of them are delicious and some are more…interesting, but when traveling, you should be adventurous in trying new foods!

Of all the places we’ve visited, Hawaii is definitely on the top of our favorite food list. Basically, we ate everything in sight. No regrets!


1. SPAM Anything!- SPAM is a staple in Hawaiian cuisine, so if you’ve never tried the famous meat in a can, you’ll have plenty of chances in the islands of Hawaii!

SPAM was supplied to soldiers during World War II including those stationed at bases in the Hawaiian islands, and the meat made its way into local dishes.

The two SPAM dishes we were determined to try were the SPAM and Eggs for breakfast and the snack food SPAM Musubi. We even attended the 13th Annual Spam Jam in Waikiki!


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