Traveling On A Budget: 5 Free Things To Do In Bogotá
Travel Lush June 6, 2014

It’s no secret that I was a ball of nerves thinking about how expensive traveling in Colombia would be.  When I arrived in Bogotá, I’d been on the road for a whopping 10 months.  And seeing as my bank account was dipping to an uncomfortably low level, I was determined to live as frugally as possible.  I’m a budget traveler at heart, and I love nothing more than sniffing out great deals so I can travel inexpensively and comfortably.  So I was fairly confident in my ability to make it work.  However, as my flight date got closer every traveler I talked to and each blog post I read kept reiterating how expensive it is to backpack around Colombia – and that’s when the panic set in.




But during my blissful seven days in the city, Bogotá managed to defy my expectations over and over again.  And one of the biggest surprises of all was how affordable it was.  Since traveling on a budget is of utmost importance to me, I thought I’d share a few awesome, budget-friendly things to do in the city.  Not only are these must-do activities when traveling to Bogotá but they’re free to boot!

Botero Museum:  If anything, Bogotá is a city of art.  Art is deeply rooted in the city’s history and it’s evident in every facet of contemporary Bogotá.  It’s everywhere, from displays of pre-Columbian gold work to dozens of modern art museums to edgy street graffiti.  It’s impossible to visit Colombia’s capital and not get seduced by the city’s artistic vibe.  And a visit to the capital would definitely not be complete without a visit to Museo Botero.  Fernando Botero, a Colombian native, is one of Latin America’s most well-known living artists and is famed for his unique depictions of absurdly large figures.


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