Wellington, the coolest little capital in the world
Toby and Tamar June 30, 2014

After 3 months on the South Island we decided it was time to leave. From Nelson we got a bus to Picton, where we took the ferry to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, the southernmost capital city in the world! When we arrived the evening light was beautiful but it was quite cold and windy. We checked into the backpacker hostel we had stayed when we got through Wellington a few months before. Not the best choice since our room smelled of cigarettes and take away food. Another disappointment was that drinking is not allowed in any of the public areas. So not in the kitchen, lounge etc. We had to drink our wine out of mugs to disguise it…


We explored the city in the few days that followed and changed hostels for the better. With sunny weather Wellington is beautiful. It’s situated right on the coast and surrounded by hills. Especially the botanical gardens, which offer a great view over the city, and a walk along the waterfront are worth your while. Wellington is also a very small city, Lonely Planet has described it as “The coolest little capital in the world”. Something it is clearly proud of.


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