Where To Find Amazing Vegetarian Food In Phnom Penh
Travel Lush February 9, 2016

It’s now been a little over three weeks since I moved out of my apartment in Phnom Penh and flew back to my home state of California.  Considering that I am so preoccupied with my imminent move to Beijing, China, I haven’t really had the chance to give Phnom Penh a second thought.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  One thing that’s been on my mind quite a bit is all the food I’m going to miss.  Not a lot of travelers realize this but Cambodia’s capital is a foodie’s paradise.  There is honestly no shortage of cheap and delicious vegetarian food in Phnom Penh.



Seriously, Phnom Penh has a ridiculously underrated food scene, especially when it comes to international cuisine.  You can honestly find it all in there – from authentic Indian dosas to Southwestern-style burritos to Indonesian gado-gado.


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